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Chamber 36 Smithdown Road
Chmaber 36 Bar and Whiskeys
Chamber 36 Dim sum and Cocktails
Chamber 36 Bar
Chamber 36 Restaurant


Keep up to date and check out what's on at both our sites. 

If you are interested in planning an event with Chamber 36, please get in touch by email or give us a call.

Chamber 36 Bottomless Brunch
Chamber 36 Bartenders


We're always looking for new faces to join our friendly team.  Whether you're looking for a part-time role to fit around your schedule or want to embark in a career in hospitality, Chamber 36 could be an exciting next step for you.  

Chinese Lion Dance
Chamber 36 Lion Dance


If you have visited us during Chinese New Year, you will have seen our very own traditional Chinese lion dance shows. 

We are part of the Liverpool Ching Wu martial arts school and have members of our teams regularly training with them.

If you would like to book a lion dance show for an event or are interested in learning, please get in touch.

Chamber 36 Lion Dance
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